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Rustic Farmhouse Table Legs

Eastern Red Cedar Table Legs Shown

Slightly modern yet still Rustic!

Tree Harvested by us at Holman Farms

Lumber Sawn by us and bevels cut on our #timberking Sawmill

Freehand router work 

2 flat sides and 2 beveled sides

Sturdy table legs for those oversized Farmhouse or Rustic tables

Legs can be made from a wide variety of wood types

Standard sizes available  3"x3" - 4"x4"  - 5"x5" - 6"x6" 

Custom sizing available

Standard Lengths available 24" - 30" - 32 - 34" - 36"

Custom Lengths available

Build Bold Tables and Benches With Ease!

Our Steel Table and Bench Legs will turn your Slabs into sleek modern pieces of furniture! Custom sizing and designs available. Delivery is available or pick up at one of our locations